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Asianda Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Kiosk In 2021

- Mar 05, 2021 -

According to research, although Digital out-of-home products are affected by the COVID-19, the demand for digital out-of-home products down in 2020 throughout the year.

However, according to data from multiple regions, Q3 and Q4 showed an upward trend compared to Q2.

With the introduction of vaccines, the lockdown was lifted and the flow of people in public places resumed. Optimistic analysis shows that the global DOOH market will reach 8.39 billion USD in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of about 13%.

Of course, according to the OAAA Q4 quarterly analysis report, the impact of the pandemic on the way the public travels is significant. The proportion of walking or cycling is as high as 67%.

outdoor digital signage

So in 2021, will there be more market plans based on outdoor close-range advertising machines?

Based on this idea, Asianda integrates existing product lines and launches a more comprehensive out-of-home digital signage product line based on various research data. It also supports customized projects.

outdoor digital signage totem

* 4K resolution

* 2500, 3000,3500,4000 cd/m2

* 55",65",75",86",98"

* PCAP touch screen

* Built in Media player display social media

* Interface with mobile phone

** Audience measurement (customized function) **

LED digital outdoor signage

LED screen DOOH

* P2.5, P3.91

* 5000nits

* 125*225cm display (support customized)

* Temperature glass

* Nova synchronous and asynchronous system

* WIFI/mobile control

2021, we support LCD/ LED DOOH advertisingdisplay kiosk totem, provide both solution to option.

LCD focus on big screen  4K resolution,  touchscreen function etc

LED focus on high brightness 5000nits and customized display dimension.

More products, please visit product page.

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