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How To Help Install The Video Wall Screen?

- Mar 26, 2021 -

Before installing Video Wall LCD Screen, we should first understandthe details in order to make the installation go smoothly,ensure the installation effect, and save a lot of trouble for later maintenance.

There are several Pre-requests for the installation.

1. According to differet application places, you can usedifferent installation methods. At present, the most common are: wall-mounted Installation, Floor-standing Installation and Front Maintenance Wall-mounted Pop-out Installation. There are several kinds of installation for the lcd video wall Screen so the preparation is different.

2. The mounting surface should be smooth and anti-static. No matter what kind of installation method is chosen, the installation surface should be flat and loadable, because the whole system of the lcd video wall display is relatively largen volume or weight.

3. Ensure good ventilation of equipment. In the maintenance channel, air conditioning or air outlets must be installed to ensure good ventilation of the equipment. The location of the outlet should be as far away from the LCD splicing wall aspossible (about 1M is better), and the wind of the outlet cannot blow directly against the box body, so as not to damage the uneven cold and heat of the screen.

4 The frame edge is designed to be detachable. In order to faclitate the maintenance of the LCD splicing screen in the future, the frame cladding must be detachable. About 25mm gap is reserved on each side of the outer frame along the distance of the splitter wall, and the allowance should beappropriately increased according to the number of columnsfor large seamless lcd wall.

5. Install ambient lighting should be appropriate. The light around the installation environment can not be too strong, if too strong, it is possible to see the LCD Video Wall Screen picture. The light near the screen (such as Windows) should be blocked if necessary, and the lights should beturned off when the equipment is running to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Do not install the light infront of the screen. Install the cylinder light,

6. Calculate the amount of wiring in advance. Acording tothe screen size and installation position of the whole project, caculale the length and specification of all kinds of lines needed, calculate the needs of the whole project. When wiring it is necessary to separarte the power line fom the signal line and install it in diferente places to avoid interference.

7. Reserved maintenance channels. In order to facilitate thefuture maintenance, the need to reserve maintenance channels, now most of the projects are used after maintenance, that is, in the rear of the large screen for maintenance, need to set aside enough maintenance channels on the back of the screen, generally about 70 cmto1 meter width, higher requirements for construction space.

Wall-mounted Installation

It's important to make sure that the walls on which the screens are mounted are not made of foam and wood. Because the main consideration of wall hanging and wall mounted touch screen kiosk is the load-bearing capacity of the wall and thethickness of the wall. If the wall cannot support the weight ofthe screen, evenif it can be installed temporarily, it will collapse over time.

LCD Video Wal Screen

Floor-standing Installation

The way of vertical bracket installation the whole lcd video wall system is supported by the bracket, and the splicing bracket should support the weight of the whole system. This installation method requires that the groundis fat, theground is strong enough, and the requirements for the spicing bracket are ralelely high, so that the installation is conducive to the maintenance of the system and fault repair.2

Front Maintenance Wall-mounted Pop-out Installation

The hydraulic front maintenance bracket can be installed and maintained from the front of the screen. The hydraulic front maintenance bracket can be ejected and recovered from the front. In the structure of the whole design, there are 6 micro adjustment devices inthe direction. The structure adopts the standard frame design, and integrates the physics principle, which fully guarantees the fixation and safety performance of theLCD video wall screen, and reduces the splicing gap.

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