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Smart Self-service Contactless Payment Kiosks In Public Place

- Mar 09, 2021 -

Smart Self Service Machine has been very popular in the model Smart City and become increasingly inseparable from our lives. Engineers in Asianda has developed a latest Product---24inch Smart Self-service Contactless Ordering Payment Kiosks. And it has been put into a variety of different application scenarios, such as McDonald/KFC, fast food restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, etc.

Touchpay payment kioisk Retail Store

Introduction of the Smart Payment Kiosk

1. 24/27/32 Inch FHD Screen 

2. Capacitive Touchscreen with Android & Windows System

3. Front opening thermal printer,with automatic cutter (58/88 mm paper)

4. RFID /NFC /Camera /POS Machine /Fingerprint can be installed or Keep the space for customers

5. QR Code/ Bar Code scanner can be Installed optional

6. Shape design/ LOGO can be customization

Smart Payment Kiosk

Smart Payment Kiosk

Why does the local market need it?

1. Reduce manpower to serve customers/passengers and save resources for the enterprise.

2. Elevate the customer experience. Customers/passengers can save more time in queuing or waiting and also reduce the pressure on the remaining tellers

3. Serve more people in less time, increasing efficiency and associated profits. 

4. Provides a variety of features and functions; as well as accept payment, print tickets, and generate more revenue through up-selling and advertising

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Appearance Design Patent Certificate

Payment Kiosk

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