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The Main Composition Of LED Display Screen

- Jan 20, 2021 -

1. The metal structure frame, whose function is to form the inner frame, is equipped with various circuit boards such as display unit board or module and switching power supply

2. Display unit: it is the main part of LED display, which is composed of LED lamp and driving circuit. Indoor screen is a variety of specifications of the unit display board, outdoor screen is the module box.

3. Scanning control board: the function of the circuit board is data buffering, generating various scanning signals and duty ratio gray control signals.

4. Switching power supply: convert 220V alternating current into various direct current for various circuits.

5. Transmission cable: display data and various control signals generated by the main controller are transmitted to the screen body by twisted pair cable.

6. Main controller: buffers input RGB digital video signals, transforms grayscale, reorganizes them, and generates various control signals.

7. Special display card and multimedia card: in addition to the basic functions of computer display card, it also outputs digital RGB signal and line, field, blanking signal to the main controller. In addition to the above functions, multimedia can also input analog Video signal into digital RGB signal (namely Video acquisition).